Hey, I'm Phil 👋

Thanks for stopping by and welcome on my personal website! 

May 1993
Born and raised in Belgium  
Sep 13 - May 16
UCLouvain - Bachelor’s Degree Economics and Management, Minor in Computer Science 
May 2016 - Dec 2019
College drop out to launch Befruity. (Smoothie as a Service) 
From 0 to 200 paying customers in 7 months
Jan 2018 - Dec 2019
Co-founded Befoody
0 -> 50K€ MRR in 2 years
350 lunchs delivered daily
Feb 2020
Joined Odoo Belgium as Business Analyst
Moved to Dubai's office 
Aug 2022
Joined Overloop as Founding Account Executive to build a sales engine from Scratch.  150+ deals won. 
Mar 2023
Selling for Impact Certification
Winning By Design 
Octobre 2023
Founder Niteo.Studio 
November 2023
Investor and employee #3 as Head of Sales at Leexi.ai